La Maison

Maquette was founded in 2012, in a little town called Como, in Italy. From the ideas, passion and enthusiasm of a young team of goldsmithes, artisans and designers, Maquette started to develop its identity. Mainly establishing itself on the concept to create innovative and stylish jewels, and particularly praising the Italian historical hand-made jewellery traditions, techniques and arts. Maquette is creating a selection of collections with a refined designs, that perfectly exalting this mixture, with the careful eyes of our expert artisans. The attention to details is mandetory in Maquette; all the materials used are carefully selected by experts. Our precious gemstones are chosen according to high standards, and all our jewels are provided with a warranty certificate. Maquette creates perfect jewels, filled with character, and extraordinary, using innovative techniques that are still not widely used, and the best quality gemstones, this is Maquette’s aim.